RANGER TREK™ Expedition Journal



  • PROTECT and DISPLAY completed Junior Ranger booklets and certificates.
  • CREATE A TREASURED FAMILY KEEPSAKE: Scrapbook your photos, journal your memories, preserve park brochures, maps and other momentos.


  • 40 scrapbook / journal pages to capture your favorite memories and great photos from 10 Parks.
  • 20 durable, clear protectors to keep and protect 10 Junior Ranger booklets, 10 certificates and other memorabilia.
  • checklist of Junior Ranger Programs available at National Park Service sites, sorted by state and region so you don’t miss any in the area you’re visiting.

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: For parents, children, grandchildren, family, friends on special days like birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and more.

QUALITY SCRAPBOOK: Quality materials give it a rich look you’ll be proud to display on your bookshelf or coffee table.

TRAVELING SCRAPBOOK: Fits perfectly in a standard backpack to take with you to each park.


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Preserve your family’s Junior Ranger memories now!

Your family’s Junior Ranger journey of discovering and exploring parks together, is about to begin.  The pages of this journal are waiting for your adventures!  Use this Expedition Journal to capture and preserve all of your favorite memories, highlights of the parks and great photos.  Plus keep and protect the Junior Ranger booklets they’ve completed and certificates they’ve earned and display them proudly!

About the Journals

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  • The contents are protected in a high-quality, durable 3-ring binder that has proudly been professionally manufactured in the USA.
  • The cover is a soft, robust, supported leatherette material giving the binder a rich look and feel making it something you’ll be proud to display on your bookshelf or coffee table, give as a gift or to take with you while traveling to each National Park Service (NPS) site.
  • Custom screen print on cover and spine.
  • 11 3/8″ x 12 1/4″ binder dimensions to easily fit in a standard size backpack to take with you and perfectly sized for display on a shelf or coffee table.


  • The Journal includes an introductory page which describes what the journal is, has a place to write your Junior Ranger’s name and has a list of many suggested ways you can use your journal.
  • All pages are printed in the USA.


  • The Journal includes a checklist of Junior Ranger Programs available at National Park Service sites.
  • Parks that are located in multiple states are listed under each state where the park’s Junior Ranger Booklet are available.
  • The list makes trip planning easy by sorting the parks by states and regions so that you won’t miss any Junior Ranger Programs in the area you’re visiting.
  • With over 400 NPS sites, the list helps you discover parks you may not have known about.
  • The list includes regular park Junior Ranger Programs as well as Junior Ranger Programs that are available for National Trails, Rivers, Heritage Areas, National Junior Ranger Programs and parks that have multiple Junior Ranger Programs.


  • Each journal includes 40 Scrapbook/Journaling pages and enough space for memorializing visits to 10 National Park Service (NPS) sites.  There are 4  scrapbook/journaling pages per National Park Service (NPS) site.
  • The professionally illustrated scrapbook/journaling pages can be used to scrapbook photos and other mementos, draw or color on and journal about each National Park Service (NPS) site visit.  These are the pages that allow you and your Junior Ranger to personalize this journal and preserve your memories.
  • 20 durable, heavy weight, clear protectors to keep and protect 10 Junior Ranger’s booklets, 10 certificates and other memorabilia.  10 of the clear protectors have a secure top so smaller Junior Ranger booklets won’t slide out.
  • The protectors can also be used to keep other mementos, such as park unigrids, maps and brochures.

Where did we get the inspiration for the Ranger Trek Expedition Journal?

When Lewis and Clark undertook their great exploration of what is now the Western United States in 1804-1806, Lewis recorded detailed notes of their expedition in his journals.  His journals are cherished even today.

In that spirit, we created the Ranger Trek™ Expedition Journals as a means for your family to record and journal your expedition of the US National Park Service (NPS) sites as your Junior Rangers discover each park, complete Junior Ranger Programs and earn Junior Ranger certificates.

Your Ranger Trek™ Expedition Journal will become a keepsake that your Junior Rangers will treasure for years in the future as they use their journal to recall their park visits, share them in their school projects and with their own Junior Rangers years from now.

Additional information

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