December 6, 2023 –  Ranger Trek Emerges Victorious: Federal Appeals Court Defends Small Business Against Frequent Opposer Trek Bicycle  link to article

November 24, 2023 –  No Two Treks are the Same:  Federal Circuit Affirms TTAB in “Ranger Trek” Trademark Dispute  link to article

November 22, 2023 –  CAFC Affirms TTAB’s Dismissal of Ranger Trek Opposition: Not Confusable with Trek for Non-Bicycle Goods  link to article

August 9, 2021 –  TTAB Dismisses Trek Bicycle’s Opposition to Ranger Trek for Overlapping, Non-Bicycle Goods  link to article

November 21, 2017 –  Ranger Trek™ joins Aida Frey on her 300th National Park visit and presents her with the Ranger Trek™ 300 Club patch.  link to article